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10 Touch Points Every High-Volume Recruiting Process Needs to Leave a Lasting Impression

06 Jul 2017
By Tommy Lai

High-volume hiring requires a different approach than the usual job opening, and if navigating the strategy seems a little overwhelming, don’t panic. This checklist will get you on track to efficiently hire a whole new team of professionals.

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1. Data Support

Most technology boasts some sort of recruiting and hiring data or analytics feature to inform strategies, but that doesn’t mean those hiring teams know what to look at to inform decision making. When it comes to your high-volume recruiting efficiency, consider these metrics: Turnover/Attrition Rate

  • Voluntary vs. Involuntary Turnover/Attrition
  • Expected Activity/Production Frequency
  • Expected Time-to-Proficiency
  • How many hires are needed to maintain production

2. Reference Map

You probably have a hiring strategy, so this step might seem like a redundancy. Do not skip this. This is more than a plan, this is a reference map. Instead of focusing on strategic tactics, an itinerary should be developed around checkpoints and expectations. With your attrition data and knowledge around what’s needed for the department to be productive, build an itinerary that assigns dates to goals. For example, once the date of the first training class is set, work backward to establish the date...

  • Offers should be accepted by 
  • Offer letters are sent 
  • Interviews are held 
  • Phone interviews are conducted 
  • Candidates are chosen
  • Job postings are placed

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