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Democratizing Your Recruiting Data Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques

28 Aug 2017

Talent Acquisition & Retention General HR

2:00PM - 3:15PM : Democratizing Your Recruiting Data Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Monday, August 28th 2:00 PM to 3:15 PM

Jeanette Maister, Americas Managing Director at WCN & Former Global COO of Campus Recruiting at Credit Suisse will present on Gartner Research predicting that big data will be a $232 billion industry.

Recruiting can play its part by seizing on the opportunity to make the most rigorously evidence-based human capital decisions ever. The average recruiter can spend in excess of two months of their time reviewing initial candidate applications. However, as many recruiters a company has, the time this take totals into a huge amount of months a year spent supporting just the initial review activity. Big Data can radicalize this process. It offers recruiters the opportunity to take evidence-based decision making to an entirely new level by factoring in an unprecedented amount of data from a wide array of sources, some of which might never have been considered previously. Used well, practitioners can test theories, proactively solve problems and conduct more complex predictive analytics related to sourcing and hiring strategies. This future is not about people vs machines, it is about collaborating in harmony using intelligent organizational design. After all, technology was created by people to enhance their lives. Learn how Big Data should be considered more as a leveler helping every recruiter to highlight the diamonds in the rough that no one else knows about.

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