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01 Aug 2017


Service Availability

A.    Terms capitalized in this Schedule shall have the following meaning:

“Availability” relates to the availability of the System to Candidates and Client Users.  It is stated by showing unscheduled unavailability as a percentage of the measurement period i.e:

Availability = Measurement period – Unscheduled unavailability x 100 % Measurement period

“System Response Time” means the number of seconds for a browser to wait for website content to be displayed following a request for an html page

B.    Availability and System Response Time is measured by Alertsite or other independent third party WCN may select

C.    The measurement period for this Service Level is monthly less planned maintenance time. WCN will provide monthly reports on the service availability to the Client on request.

D.    WCN shall, ensure that the System, during any calendar month from the Go Live Date, is available to Client Users and Candidates for more than 99% of the total possible uptime during that month (excluding any scheduled downtime which is necessary to effect any essential modifications or maintenance to the Server). 

E.    Service Availability Target

Availability 99% over any calendar month
System Response Time 5 second average over any calendar month
Service Provision 24 hrs x 7 days excluding the Planned Maintenance Window

F. WCN undertakes planned Maintenance in the Planned Maintenance Window, and may undertake Ad Hoc Maintenance outside Maintenance Hours by giving notice, set out below (WCN will make reasonable endeavors to undertake any ad hoc maintenance outside of Business Hours):

Maintenance Activity Window/Notice Period
Planned Maintenance Window 22:00 - 01:00 GMT Saturday & Sunday
Ad Hoc Maintenance Notice Minimum of 8 Working Hours notice (except in emergencies)

G.    Planned downtime is not included in the calculation of unavailability under this document. Wherever possible, WCN will agree the outage with the Client in advance of the required work:

Backup Servers

A.    WCN shall at all times during the duration of this Agreement ensure that it has access to a backup server.

B.    If the hosting server (“Server”) develops any problem or defect, WCN shall as soon as practicable in the circumstances transfer the System from the Server to a backup server (the "Backup Server").  If the Server's problem or defect has been corrected, WCN may transfer the System back to the Server.

C.    WCN will store Client Data for a defined period.  Thereafter Client Data will be deleted.  Should the Client wish to recover Client Data which is older than this period, WCN can perform this service in accordance with the Consultancy fees defined in Schedule 4. 

D.    WCN shall use its reasonable endeavors to ensure:

  1.  the Server is and will remain accessible to Client Users and Candidates via the Internet (subject only to reasonable and scheduled maintenance work at times which shall cause the least amount of interruption to Client Users and Candidates wishing to use the  Web Site);
  2. the Server remains in good working order and condition to enable WCN to comply with its obligations under this paragraph 2.4; and
  3. any areas within the System which are restricted to individual Client Users or groups of Client Users will not be accessible to Client Users or Candidates generally unless the Client User requesting access thereto is entitled to obtain access thereto (whether through the use of a valid password or otherwise).


Maintenance of the system

A.    WCN shall ensure that the System continues to function properly for the duration of this Agreement and shall continuously monitor the System operation during Business Hours to ensure the proper functioning thereof.

B.    If the System becomes defective, WCN shall:

  1. if notified by the Client during Business Hours, respond within 60 minutes of such notification;
  2. if notified by the Client outside of Business Hours, respond by no later than 09:30 on the Business Day immediately following the day on which such notification was received; or
  3. on becoming aware that the System does not function properly, immediately notify the Client.  

C.    WCN shall, if the System fails to function properly, commence remedial work as soon as may be practicable in the circumstances, and shall, during Business Hours, use its reasonable endeavors to remedy any defect in the System.

New Versions of the System

A.    WCN shall, from time to time, if it creates any new versions of the System which it makes available generally to its customers, make such new versions available to the Client at no cost for use in conjunction with the Web Site.  WCN shall also notify the Client whether there are any costs of installlling or configuring the new version, and whether such new version of the System is compatible with the Web Site or, alternatively, what modifications to the Web Site are required to ensure such compatibility. 

B.    WCN shall only provide Hosting Services, Maintenance and Support (Schedules 3, 4, and 5) on the two most current releases of the System. 

C.    Should the Client wish to make use of such new version of the System, it shall notify WCN thereof and WCN shall:

  1. configure such new version of the System to ensure that it is compatible with the Web Site;
  2. test the new version of the System for compatibility with the  Web Site after it has been configured; and
  3. on successful testing, replace the existing version of the System with the new version of the System (at which point the new version of the System shall, for the purposes of this Agreement, be the System).

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

WCN reserves the right to promote changes to the production environment as appropriate for the purposes of bug fixing, enhancements and providing new features.  Where these changes may impact Client WCN shall:

A.    use its reasonable endeavors to provide appropriate details of the changes prior to release (5 working days where impact is considered not negligible); and 

B.    ensure that proper quality control and change control processes are followed internally to reduce the likelihood of any impact on the Client.


Helpdesk & Support

A.    WCN shall provide the following “Help Desk” to the Client to enable the Client to report problems with the functioning or operation of the System or to require assistance in respect of the System.

B.    The Help Desk Facilities will be available twenty-four by five Business Hours (24x5 Business Hours), Monday 0800 Japan Standard Time to Friday 1800 US Pacific Standard Time

C.    WCN shall make available a sufficient number of personnel who are sufficiently skilled in the operation of System ("Help Desk Staff") to answer any telephone calls made or faxs or e-mails sent by the Client.

D.    WCN shall ensure that the Help Desk Staff respond to any requests made to them by the Client:

  1. within 60 minutes from receipt of a request, if the request was made during 24x5 Business Hours; or
  2. before 09:30am on the next Business Day if the request was received outside of 24x5 Business Hours.

E.    WCN shall ensure that the Help Desk Staff:

  1. use their reasonable endeavors to provide any required assistance in the use and/or operation of the System; and
  2. escalate any such request to a suitably qualified programr, technician or developer if the Help Desk Staff is unable to provide the required assistance.

F.    WCN will work to the Service Levels detailed in this Schedule providing the Client is not in breach of its obligations under the Agreement and does not exceed the stated number of maximum Candidates, Supported Users and Agency Users as detailed in the Order Form. Clients should therefore make the WCN Helpdesk aware of any significant increase in candidate applications, especially those anticipated as a consequence of running one off campaigns or seasonal recruitment programs.

G.    Should Clients use of the Help Desk become excessive due to a lack of system training or knowledge, WCN reserve the right to either insist on further training or an increase in the monthly hosting fee. 

Support Service Availability Target

Service Provision/During Business Hours

Service Provision is defined as the following Services:

Supported User Support: Telephone support to Supported Users - All queries to be responded to within 60 minutes within the above service provision times.

Candidate Support: Support for Candidates via a defined email address - All queries to be responded to within 48 hours within the above service provision times.

Technical Support: Telephone support to Supported Users - All queries to be responded to within 60 minutes within the above service provision times.

Fault & Service Request Handling

Incidents identified by WCN will be reported to the Client. During the lifecycle of each incident, until it is resolved and closed, WCN will provide regular status updates to the Client.

Priority Impact Fault Service Request
1 Critical: service affecting

Complete system crash - System is completely unavailable.

There is a critical security impact.

Change required ensuring that the solution becomes and remains operable.
2 Severe: service affecting

Some day to day work can be completed but business is impacted.

Multiple applications are unavailable.

There is a high risk to the security of the WCN service.

Change required maintaining a main element of the solution.
3 Moderate: not service affecting

The service is available but day to day business may be moderately impacted.

One or more business applications are unable to operate fully.

There is a moderate risk to the security of the WCN service.

Change required improving element of the solution.
4 Low: not service affecting

The service is available and most or all daily tasks can still be carried out.

All applications can be used but some features are affected.

There is a low risk to the security of the WCN service.

Cosmetic Change required to an element of the solution.

Acknowledgement and Resolution Start

WCN aims to acknowledge all service requests and attempt resolution within an hour.  Should a resolution not be immediately achievable the following target service levels will apply depending on the priority of the fault:

Target times for fault acknowledgement and resolution start

Priority Response Times
1 If not recoverable immediately, start to develop a solution within 4 hours
2 If not recoverable immediately, start to develop a solution within 8 hours
3 If not recoverable immediately, start to develop a solution within 24 hours
4 If not recoverable immediately, start to develop a solution within 72 hours

Service Request Resolution

A Service Request occurs when the Client asks for a configuration change or a remote hands operation, such as a server reboot, which is not due to a fault or maintenance problem.  Target times for resolving Service Requests are dependant on the nature of the request and will be agreed on a case-by-case basis.


WCN will provide training as set out in your Statement of Work.  Additional training will be provided at the Consultancy Service fees in Schedule 4.

System Training Enhancement Program

WCN will provide any one-on-one on-site training/support in the Client’s recruitment operations to ensure that recruiters use their e-recruitment tools as set out in Exhibit 1 Implementation Services.  Additional training will be provided at the Consultancy Service fees in the Order Form.

Account Management

WCN will provide Client ongoing account management to track and discuss ongoing issues, best practice, user and applicant experience, opportunities for improvement.  Additional Account Management services will be provided at the Consultancy Service fees in the Order Form


Security Requirements

A.    Client Users will be given unique individual access.

B.    Client Users will be subject to "three strikes and you're out", which means that they will be refused access to those parts of the System which require password access if they entered a wrong login name and password on three consecutive occasions until they contact WCN to obtain access again

C.    The Client will take appropriate measures against and be responsible for any misuse of the system or data by the Client Users or authorized agents.

Database Security

A.    WCN shall keep and maintain a back-up copy of the Database and shall, if the Database (or any part thereof) is in any way damaged, destroyed, modified in an unauthorized way or becomes corrupted:

  1. use a back-up copy to replace the damaged, destroyed, modified or corrupted copy of the Database;
  2. notify the Client in writing of such damage, destruction, modification or corruption and the reasons therefore (if known to WCN); and
  3. take whatever steps may be practicable in the circumstances to avoid any such damage, destruction, modification or corruption from occurring again.

B.    WCN shall back-up the Database onto a hard-drive at the end of each Business Day.

Data Retention

WCN will retain vacancies, and Candidate Data attached to these vacancies. But WCN will periodically purge Candidate records.  At this time, WCN will only delete Candidate records in the System that are more than twelve months old.

Penetration testing

WCN will engage a 3rd party on an annual basis to conduct both a host based and application based security assessment of the System.  If the Client wishes at any point to conduct its own security review, it may do so under terms and conditions prescribed by WCN, at its sole discretion and subject to WCN’s then applicable charges, which are available on request.

Audit and security

WCN provide access to standard WCN audit and security policy documents free of charge but reserves the right to charge the applicable day’s rates set out in Schedule 4 for any requests for additional information not contained within such documents and/or additional resources required by the Client from WCN to assist with an audit.