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Webinar: How to Leverage Amazon & Waze Technology for Recruiting

28 Jun 2017

Our June 2017 webinar explained how technology can be applied to recruiting to overcome today’s talent acquisition challenges.

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About this webinar:

Jeanette Maister, Managing Director - Americas for WCN,  a leading pioneer of innovative recruitment technology, will explain how technology is used every day to provide more productive and personalized experiences. You may not realize it but Amazon, Waze and many other life-changing apps are actually built with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Learn how that same technology can be applied to recruiting and why it is critical.

In this webinar, you will learn how AI can:

  1. Expand your talent pool and hone in on better fitting candidates
  2. Instantly predict 33% of your hires
  3. Dramatically increase capacity to process applications & widen the sources of hires
  4. Help connect, engage and hire candidates faster than competitors
  5. Save recruiters' time
  6. Reduce bias and enhance diversity
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