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WCN Diversity

Deepen engagement and maximize the power of events to connect with diverse candidates

Identify promising diversity talent and tailor your recruitment approach to deliver greater candidate engagement. Leverage best-in-class recruiting events technology to achieve demonstrable ROI.

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WCN Diversity

Combining the power of Engage and Event, WCN Diversity can deepen your engagement with diversity candidates.

Event: End-to-end event management %}}

Event: End-to-end event management

Handle the complexity of planning and managing diversity recruiting events – from onsite to offsite events, private or public events, or even virtual or interview events. Empower candidates to register, upload resumes and check into events on any device.

Event: Evidence-based method to measure impact %}}

Event: Evidence-based method to measure impact

Measure ROI and effectiveness of diversity talent acquisition efforts. Intuitive data-rich dashboards provide real-time reporting, including key metrics: effectiveness, cost, team effort and conversion rates.

Event: Greater oversight of event registrations from diverse candidates %}}

Event: Greater oversight of event registrations from diverse candidates

Automate the screening of event registrations to ensure optimal attendance at diversity recruitment events. Instantly identify the number of diverse candidates attending and reduce administrative burdens by up to 50%.

Event: Works online, offline and on a mobile app %}}

Event: Works online, offline and on a mobile app

No need for Excel trackers anymore. Forms generated by the system can work on or offline so diverse candidates can RSVP at any stage and then check-in using mobile devices or an iOS app. 

Engage: Interact with & nurture diverse candidates %}}

Engage: Interact with & nurture diverse candidates

Easily amplify your recruitment marketing and deepen your relationship with diverse candidates throughout the candidate journey. Connect with candidates through targeted, personalized content. 

Engage: Organise Campaigns %}}

Engage: Organise Campaigns

Run webinars, virtual, or in-person events with ease. Constant feedback loops provide a simple way to manage dialog and ensure timely feedback and communication to ensure candidates are never in the dark.

If you already have an applicant tracking system in place, our Diversity Solution can fill your recruitment gaps.


Other benefits include:

  • Being able to plan, monitor, register event attendees, nurture and convert candidates on one system
  • Build trust and demonstrate an understanding of candidate’s needs via personalization
  • Provide relevant content at key moments of candidate receptivity
  • Remove potential unconscious biases from the recruiting process
  • Using innovative multimedia approaches from WCN technology partners
  • Highest standards of data security
  • 24/7 client support available

What clients say

This technology is essential to us adapting recruitment strategies to find the best people for public-facing critical roles.

Dean Shoesmith

Executive Head of HR

London Boroughs of Sutton & Merton

L.E.K Blackrock Credit Suisse

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